A collage of screenshots from google photos of Charlie Fitz. In each photo she is either a patient in hospital or at home in her bed. The images are taken over a 6 year period, which can be seen from the various dates.
Thinking about the medicalisation of the home space
This week I have been thinking about the medicalisation of the home space when you are chronically ill. The AI technology on google photo is incredibly accurate when recognising faces, places, objects,...
A collage with a beige painting of 3 women lounging with text over the top that says 'I am not an imposter'.
As an artist who didn’t go to art school I often undervalue myself. There are some key areas when it comes to the professional side of the arts world that I have missed out on as a self-taught artist....
Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 23.11
I Cannot Believe I Just Said That
Tuesday 22/2/2022 (Bandar Seri Bengawan, Brunei) 22:04 Four minutes ago I told my mom that I have never seen the pants she was wearing. It was yellow. 22:05 She asked me if I wanted it. 5 minutes ago I...
A screenshot from premier pro showing a section of Charlie Fitz's film piece, with a collage painted woman in a hospital waiting room.
Painful process
Image description:  A screenshot of Adobe Premiere Pro consisting of a timeline with blue, pink and purple shapes and a green wave form at the bottom. Above in the top right is a playback box which shows...
A sinister still from a film in a hospital hallway. With collages layers of vintage hospital images. Including a nurse who is at the centre the nurses face is covered in abstract burnt colours.
Audiovisual collage and accessibility
This week I’ve been trying to bring more of my usual collage aesthetic into audio visual pieces and also thinking about what is the best way to make these as accessible as possible. Whether that’s...
Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 11.03
Accumulated thoughts
Saturday 19 February 2022 (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei) 10:12 I am feeling hopeful this morning. I have a cup of coffee next to me. few weeks ago I had a critical  session with my intransit studio mates...
A vibrant iridescent color 3D & 2D art composition on black background in a shape of South East Asia Tree of Life.
Budi 02
Visual composition test A test visual composition on Pohon Budi done by Grasshopper Here some update on my latest progress, I did some test on visual composition from the previous Pohon Budi proposal that...
alt I have always been interested in navigating the subtleties - and complexities - adhered to our individual relationships to commodities in the context of post-capitalism
Jargon repurposed: The Tax Inspector
PP: What do you do for a living? YY: I’m a tax inspector.    PP: What does your job entail? YY: I guess, essentially, this practice leads me to frequently challenge society’s preconceived notions...
Portal Exhibition
Balance between digital and physical
Balance between digital & physical I been reading and thinking a lot about my practice and also what I do mostly as designer. I’m a fulltime freelance designer/motion graphic artist that sometimes...
A screenshot of Paper application on iPad, with sketches by Grasshopper
Digital Sketches
Digital Sketches Some update on my work in progress for the final output for this residency. During the group critics session both Liz and Celina mention about my practice on sketching digitally and they...
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