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Manchester Art Gallery


Gallery visit

In a red room in the art gallery looking at old oil paintings
body made of metal mesh hangs suspended over the glass staircase will glass elevators either side

i went to the Manchester Art Gallery yesterday and whilst looking at art I was interested in what didn’t captivate me and what did, why did some art get my attention and other pieces I just wanted to walk past? 

I have never felt inclined to look at art when it doesn’t pull me and some of the rooms I passed through where as others i spent time in.

Sometimes knowing what you don’t like pushes you to understand what you do like and why you like…because it is opposed to what you don’t like?

I am pulled to bright colours, or black and white, I like moving images, I like a good back story, what the artist is/was going through, what the creator is trying to comment on, i like sound.

I am considering this when making works for the upcoming exhibItion.

Natasha Stott