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CH: Keep on The Track #1


An update for the whole process that has happen between the weeks, 2 weeks ago our group had a group critique session with Celina as we dive into each other’s progression on creating the ideas during the creative process individually.

I was so immersed with everyone’s ideation and process on how they conduct their own creativity and the feedbacks from each of them are so helpful that it did not come across my mind. I create all this absurd and weird characters that it may give the uneasy feelings for the audience to view, yet I want them to capture the moment of what may happen on the screen that loops the video art. A “character” that assume themselves as a “human” , having its own “characteristic” showing they are trying to escape from the fantasy world they lived in while us trying to escaped from reality. An Escape.

The storyboard has been really helpful for me to venture the ideation I was trying to connect with the concept I had. I am excited to show the next progress on how I choose the materials to be recorded, shoot and more.

Amira Syahirah