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hypnotic head projection ready for 3D head
cogitations head test
Pipi Final Development Character
CH: Piko & Pipi Development
“human” “i want to be human!” “i want to stay in the world named REALITY” “this is my imaginative world , its REALITY”...
audio-visual projection for cogitations
cogitations basic video of aesthetics rough mapping of the audio-visual processes and logistics of cogitations. image...
cogitations main image
Elementor #9159
Cogitations: plural noun- the action of thinking deeply about something; contemplation. . . This is me going through the layers and processes of making and creating the piece cogitations. The multiple...
a wall filled with post notes of ideas ofWhat would you like to see take place in Gloucester?
Gloucester Future Producers
Last night I attended my first session with Gloucester Future Producers, a program run by Strike a Light. Strike a Light creates events in Gloucester that people never imagined possible. They tell people’s...
The Crit Collective logo
Great Success This Week
This week I had great success finding a makeup artist and hair stylist who will collaborate with me on the project. I’m really excited to start shooting next week. Administrative work, which isn’t...
Texture Image Manipulation by Amira Syahirah (Crystal)
CH: One Step And Forward
I have been reconstructing my storyboard and the ideation on how to portray as a medium of video art concluding with the installation. I had a one-to-one with Celina with how the installation should be...
screenshot of my instagram post of Trevor
Making My Work Accessible
I recently began posting on Instagram about my latest project, which I completed during my residency with Intransit Space. For this project, I led memory workshops with individuals with dementia and memory...
Moldy old photo
Diary #29 #30 #31
Concluding March 2024
character sample
CH: Keep on The Track #1
An update for the whole process that has happen between the weeks, 2 weeks ago our group had a group critique session with Celina as we dive into each other’s progression on creating the ideas during...
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