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111 CH: If I could CREATE the WORLD


“Hello There. I am YOU. your another alter EGO. a CHARACTER that lives inside your MIND. “

“The WORLD i wanted to CREATE will be a FANTASY and an overwhelmed with SURREAL experience.

It could be a VIDEO GAME, a SCENE, a LIFE, a WORLD that we all could live inside without any worries.

i CHOOSE this path so you and i could ESCAPE from REALITY for a moment.”

For today’s topic would be about bringing the theme of escapism or escapist. I have always wanted to show the sense of awareness about being an escapist that lead us to a world that could be full of imaginative fantasy that may not be seen by naked eye. I am so enthusiast with creating all this weird, ugly, irregular shapes, surrealistic character that are able to see the WORLD we are living in which is the REALITY as they live in the FANTASY side.

The Point Starter

At first, I was clueless about finding a topic or issue that could brought into an artwork or series for this residency. I found a theme or topic I could work on and express, title an escapist or escapism. I have always been keen on creating a space filled with weird objects as they come alive and act like human beings.

That would be creepy, isn’t it? But the uniqueness comes from the fantasy experience of running from the modern world filled with pressure and expectations that I can’t overcome. Instead, I created a world, a space in my mind that I have always wished to live in.

The only way to escape from reality is by playing video games. All of the fantasy and unconsciousness adrenaline rush into the veins creating a sensation of surreal feelings; obsessed, calm, safe, euphoria.

The first experimental artwork based on the escapism theme created for my FYP (final year project) is called ENDLESS, an installation video art portraying the idea of escaping through a video game as the player’s mind becomes in a state of illusions between fantasy and reality.

1 minute video looping Installation of variable dimension 2023
“ENDLESS” 2023, by Crystal (Amira Syahirah) video art Installation in variable dimension

As i thought, i should continue this series with expanding the ideas, creating a space of euphoria with dangerousness sense of a mind state that occurs by the people who have experienced this situation. I would love to show the world of fantasy and surreal that is made up of an escapism for this residency.

Amira Syahirah