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The making of Cogitationes


Physical & digital building of project two

making project two: Cogitationes

For this piece I will use multiple polystyrene heads, they will be in multiple lines horizontally, spaced evenly. I will chop these in half, so that the back of the head is flat. with the facial features facing out of the wall towards the audience. I will project moving bright images (please see my last post for stills and moving images of these). I will the project map onto each of the heads.

There are similarities between this piece “Cogitationes” and “Repititionem” as there is a theme of the actual (Polystyrene as sculpture to project onto), video captured or manipulated and edited and then projection mapped into the space, the conceptual both resonate with effects of the human condition, what it is to be a parent and moreover a mother, who never stops doing or thinking for her family, and finally the idea of the multiple which is actual and conceptual. These two pieces will be the same in composition as they will have the same number of heads/canvases, but they with be opposites in colour as “Cogitationes” will have bright moving colours moving very rapidly while “Repititionem” will be in black and white with bodies moving at a regular rate, repeating actions infinitum.

Natasha Stott