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Making My Work Accessible


I recently began posting on Instagram about my latest project, which I completed during my residency with Intransit Space. For this project, I led memory workshops with individuals with dementia and memory loss from two care homes and a memory café in Gloucestershire. My goal was to elicit stories and memories about Cheltenham and Gloucester using words and images.

As a disabled photographer, it’s important that the disabled community can access my work. I aim to bring accessibility to the forefront of my practice, as I often see people photographing disabled individuals because it’s trendy or to check a box, yet the work itself is largely inaccessible. My goal is to provide true representation of disabled people along with access to my work.

With this project, I’ve included image captions, descriptions, and audio interviews with captions. I believe these layers add richness and dimension to the work.

You can check the post out here

screenshot of my instagram post of Trevor
archive images of Trevor enjoying Robinswood Hill at differ4ent stages in his life