In Transit offers online, open artist studios as part of our three month training residency. During the residency, artists are provided accessiblity training as a way to integrate access from the planning/development stage of their work. Artists receive continuous feedback equipped with mini tasks to put the accessibility knowledge they have learned into practice.

The online studios feature the artists’ research, work-in-progress and reflections, enabling them to reflect on the process of integrating access and develop new work. With a strong focus on process than the final outcome, In Transit studios encourage interaction and dialogue between artists and audiences. Selected works and experiments developed throughout the residency are displayed in an accessible, online exhibition to conclude the programme.



Arabel Lebrusan

Arabel Lebrusan is a visual artist working in sculpture and jewellery and based in the UK. Focusing on transforming materials into physical metaphors — such as toxic mercury from small scale gold mining into a child’s tinny hand — she seeks to amplify the voices of the people and the land falling through the cracks of the system.

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Latifah A. Stranack

Born to parents from the East and the West, Latifah is fascinated with cultural hybridity and how this shapes her senses and the lens through which she experiences the world. In pursuit of a fleeting moment, she contextualises and reframes the presence and absence of family members and belongings.

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Alecia Neo

Alecia Neo develops long-term projects that involve collaborations with individuals and communities. Her practice unfolds primarily through photography, video, and participatory workshops that address modes of radical hospitality, caregiving, and wellbeing. She is the co-founder of Brack, a platform for socially engaged art and collaborative practices.

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Pablo Paillole

Through moving image, sound, text and photography, Paillole explores the relationship between popular culture and politics; fiction and reality; past, present and future. Through his audiovisual installations - often personal and inspired by his own Spanish cultural heritage - he asks questions around the concepts of truth, narrative and history using archival media and found footage.

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Charlie Fitz

Charlie Fitz is a sick and disabled artist and writer based in the UK. Her work both as an artist and medical humanities postgraduate researcher is rooted in narratives and representations of illness, disability and trauma. She frequently explores shame, objectification, power dynamics and the limits of language and representation.

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Yasmine Aminanda

Yasmine Aminanda explores the idea of time passing and themes of the 'mundane' in daily life through Performance, Time Based media and Archive as Moving Image. They mainly use the narrative of journals and inner monologues as 'everyday performances'.

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Abdul Shakir

Abdul Shakir (also known as ‘Grasshopper’) is a multidisciplinary multimedia artist and one of the co-founders of Filamen, Malaysia's leading new media art collective which focuses on projection mapping, light installation and interactive installation projects.

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