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Arabel Lebrusan

Arabel Lebrusan is a visual artist working in sculpture and jewellery and based in the UK. Focusing on transforming materials into physical metaphors — such as toxic mercury from small scale gold mining into a child’s tinny hand — she seeks to amplify the voices of the people and the land falling through the cracks of the system. She has exhibited and created site-specific installations at The Higgins Bedford (2021); Brighton CCA (2021); Women’s Support Centre, Surrey (2021); Museum of St.Albans (2015); St.Paul’s Square, Bedford (2012); Art in Fuse, Rotterdam (2005); Lunâ Art Collective Gallery, Cebu (2004); Gesundbrunnen bunker, Berlin (2000). Her TEDx talk on ethical jewellery and her latest campaign raising funds for Global March against Child Labour are examples of her international campaign work. She was also awarded Designer of the Year (2017) by the National Association of Jewellers, UK and was the winner of Eastern Approaches (2014) at UH Galleries, Museum of St.Albans.

Folkloric Rock

#female ancestor #rockhybrid #rockgrandma #rockancestor I kept thinking about her skirt. I wanted it long, large, bombastic, folkloric. How the hell can a rock be

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Rock Hybrids

Already more than 20 years ago I got given decorative displays from a TV studio set while living in Rotterdam. These were a mix of

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Materials: soap, toys, black slate from the Alps Mountains/France woman-rock hybrids animal-rock hybrids hybrid creatures/ Den Bosch Thinking about Surrealism and how it connects to

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I have been working on a series of drawing called Februalia during the month of February. They are medium size drawings on paper, using black

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