Materials: soap, toys, black slate from the Alps Mountains/France

woman-rock hybrids
animal-rock hybrids
hybrid creatures/ Den Bosch

Thinking about Surrealism and how it connects to these experiments/ The Venice Biennale/ Everyone seems to be thinking and talking about the Surrealist movement/ The women within Surrealism are greatly evocative and have the alchemistic energy I love.

I want to talk about nature/ we are all part of the same thing…
“Let’s behead the rational in us, which has brought us endless suffering, patriarchal archetypes and imperialistic dreams, and let de rocks think and run the bodies”
Making thoughts visible and palpable

thinking while making/ touching to think / fingertips- brain
the knife slides through the soap like hard butter, what a sensual cut
the stone is dusty and the glue doesn’t want to stick totally on it. the glue gone works only some time. I have to replace again and again the rocks/ Rocks building up. Rocks accumulating freely but with intention, like drawings that grow organically