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Basing her work on performative tools and somatic techniques, Mira Hirtz explores multi-sensory experiences and and articulations of our being-in-the-world. Looking at the intersections of art, health, ecology and science, her practice embraces the messiness of navigating life and dives into concepts of body, care as well as human and non-human interdependencies. Her work takes many different formats, from performance, installation and painting to curation and mediation.

She graduated from the MFA Creative Practice at TL Conservatoire London and from the MA art research at University of Art and Design Karlsruhe. She co-curated the program series “How do we care?” at Badischer Kunstverein 2020, as well as the touring exhibition “Critical Zones. In Search of a Common Ground”, initiated by the ZKM | Karlsruhe, the Goethe-Institut South Asia, and Bruno Latour. Her recent exhibitions include “SOMA CITY” at We are Awareness in Art, Zurich; “Sensing P.: Kakosmos (after B. Latour)”, in “Every food is a landscape”, Milan and “Exploring notions of care: a performative workshop” at La Loge, Brussels.

In her current research project, Mira Hirtz investigates the dialogue between her own experience of chronic health conditions, healing and art, developing a series of participatory scores, performative installations and collections of research.

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Woman laying on the floor with her arms open wide with her shadows, repeated women in the background, black arrows pointing downwards on bottom. Above the women are organic circular shapes floating around from the top and two black arrows pointing downwards from top right
Spaces to breathe
What is the distance of your fingertips to your shoulderblade? Pull Push Pull Push Pull Push Pull Soften theneckhandstongue Drop your weight gently, a little further. RiseDropRise DropRiseRiseDropDropDrop
"feel soft" - exhibition with performative interludes
Last weekend I opened a two-day exhibition which also incorporated performative interludes. It was a joint project together with artist and friend Franziska Boehm at ASC Croydon where I rent my artist studio. It was a lot of work, but very nurishing and supportive to share my fine arts and multi-media...
Black, white and skin colour abstract paintings on A4 size papers against wall and on the floor display, one long one hanging from the top of a cube display box
in/tangible - exhibition at The Cube
Last week I opened a solo show at The Cube at ASC Croydon in London. It will run until the 28th of June 2023. Exhibition Content 

In this exhibition I am showing works that reflect how chronic and ongoing states of pain, struggle, distress and many other experiences can shift the sense we have...
Black, blue, peach , pink and white organic shape cut-outs pasted against brown wall and smaller versions laid out on table
We Rearrange - participatory events
Last weekend I co-hosted “we rearrange” together with my colleague Franziska Boehm (link that opens in a new tap). We shared our practices in a series of so called performative encounters: participatory short workhops. Concept We invited small groups to test our methods and dive into...
Blonde white woman in black outfit posing in different positions against a cream background with black outlines of organic shapes
Reflecting on the upcoming project “Resting Heads”
About the project I am working on a new project titled “Resting Heads”. I have yet to decide which form this project will take. I am thinking about developing a performative installation, which is a performance that happens in between and in response to an installation of my artworks. I am also considering...
Hand touching against a blue furry organic shape cut out against a white wall
Soft spaces
This week I have been testing different materials that could be used for collaging together with other people. While collaging together, I would like to offer multi-sensorial experiences beyond the visual. I explored cloth and fabric and enjoyed the possibility to experience the collages through touch....
Nine different women resting their bodies in different forms on a brown chair
How do we heal? #2: Kinaesthetic shapes
Above: Documentation of the workshop “Scores for radical rest” at Pushkin House London, April 2023, lead by Mira Hirtz. Image courtesy of the artist. The photograph show of group of people who explore various ways to sit, lie and rest on chairs which are scattered through the room. Both images on the...
Text in black outlines against white background
How do we heal? #1: Compositions
Hello from the first week of my online residency at In Transit! I find composing and arrangingand then re-composing and re-arrangingvery helpful tools in order to think about and feel into This week I have been exploring how my practice of composing could be present...