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Abdul Shakir (also known as Grasshopper) is a multidisciplinary multimedia artist and one of the co-founders of Filamen, which focuses on projection mapping, light installation and interactive installation projects. Shakir has worked in post-production and production agencies, and has done various projects related to design and art: graphic design, motion graphics, projection mapping and interactive installation. His projects have gone beyond Malaysia and reached an international level, displaying his works in China, Hong Kong, Spain, and the USA. Some of the notable platforms in which he has shown his work are LAMPU Festival, Urbanscapes Art Festival, Rainforest in the City, and George Town Festival.

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Sketches on composition for final output
Compositing I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the traditional local wood carving to for the composition of the final piece. I would like to manipulate and experiment on some of the local motives with my own visuals. I’ve sketch a few composition to give me an idea before I did the the...
Stills of rendering from work in progress render
Work in progress
Work in progress As the residency coming to the end, we all rushing out to produce our final output. Here is some of the screenshots of my work in progress. My first initial process on producing the final output is to try to use any existing material that I’ve created previously to design a new...
Screenshot of Adobe After Effects for work in progress
My process
My process I wanted to share more about how do I create my work and after the group critics session I felt there is more to share about what is my process on creating my artwork. Normally I will start with browsing some ideas for an inspiration, this happen normally when I travel, I see a lot of things...
A vibrant iridescent color 3D & 2D art composition on black background in a shape of South East Asia Tree of Life.
Budi 02
Visual composition test A test visual composition on Pohon Budi done by Grasshopper Here some update on my latest progress, I did some test on visual composition from the previous Pohon Budi proposal that I did. I wanted to see how can I incorporate some of readings that I did. Majority of Pohon Budi...
Portal Exhibition
Balance between digital and physical
Balance between digital & physical I been reading and thinking a lot about my practice and also what I do mostly as designer. I’m a fulltime freelance designer/motion graphic artist that sometimes involve with projection mapping. It does give me a great joy on bringing the visual from a digital...
A screenshot of Paper application on iPad, with sketches by Grasshopper
Digital Sketches
Digital Sketches Some update on my work in progress for the final output for this residency. During the group critics session both Liz and Celina mention about my practice on sketching digitally and they found that is interesting. I never thought about it until they mention it during the session. I did...
A vibrant iridescent color 3D & 2D art composition on black background in a shape of South East Asia tree of life.
Budi There is a lot of translation on “Budi” word but for me it means Deeds. We have this saying in Malay “Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa” means if people is being courteous to us we should do likewise. I love that phrase since I was young and still kept it close to me. I would...
Tree of Life
Tree of Life “Pohon Budi” Pohon Budi is widely use in shadow puppet show (Wayang Kulit) as one of the most important props at the start of the show. Dissecting more about it give me better understanding on why the “Tok Dalang” (shadow puppet master) using it at the start of their...
Screenshot 2022-02-09 225857
Old and new
Old and new My proposal for this residency was to explore how can I bring local traditional art elements into my digital art practice. I would like to explore on brining my local art culture through different medium. I did went for a short trip right before COVID hit early 2020 to East Coast of Peninsular...
Screenshot of Cinema4D
Making invisible visible ( and accessible )
Making invisible visible Through out this residency program I ask a lot of questions about how do pave ways for my art practice. I do come from a design background so problem solving is part of my practice previously, but I did not realize that at the same time art does apply it too until this residency...
Handwritten notes in mind-map form about making digital art accessible for the visually-impaired
Making digital art accessible for the visually-impaired
Digital Art for visually-impaired I often forgot that there are people who are not be able to see or experience what I produce visually. Through In Transit it helps me rethink about how would I make my creation more accessible and inclusive. I did some simple googling on what are other efforts were put...
Braille code in vibrant colours for the letters A, B, C and D.
Braille Code Visual Experimentation
Visual experimentation As we go along with the sharing session by Andy, I got interested with Braille Code. I saw it before but rarely realize it was there. It can be more interesting instead just black and white dots. I thought it will be awesome for me to use some of the visual that I’ve produced...
A young man guiding an older man the basic skills used to navigate a smartphone
What is Accessibility?
Reflection on the first session I did not have any expectation coming into the residency. My plans is to see how this residency will allow myself to explore different approach toward my work. The first session did open up my eyes towards accessibility. I have privilege to not to think or wonder about...