Making digital art accessible for the visually-impaired

Digital Art for visually-impaired

I often forgot that there are people who are not be able to see or experience what I produce visually. Through In Transit it helps me rethink about how would I make my creation more accessible and inclusive.

I did some simple googling on what are other efforts were put to make art more accessible. There is a lot of mediums that the physical art work is trying to implement or at least practice it to make it more accessible but what about digital art? Looking through a flat screen do not give you the touch sense which limits the experience.

From my research I found a few organization/collectives are trying to make digital art more inclusive like The Alt Museum . It is great looking at the movement to make digital art more accessible especially with the uptrend of Crypto Art and NFT ( Non Fungible Token ). I hope it will not stop and I would like to see how can I contribute into this movement.

From a short one to one session with Celina, she share more about how can we do this and I decided to try it out myself. I have never ever turn on the Accessibility function on my iPhone and for the first time ever I would want to experience what a visually-impaired person would feel looking/hearing at my work on Instagram.

Here is the demo on screen reader function on Instagram about my previous post on Visual Experimentation on Braille Code: