Budi 02

Visual composition test

A vibrant iridescent color 3D & 2D art composition on black background in a shape of South East Asia Tree of Life.
A test visual composition on Pohon Budi done by Grasshopper

Here some update on my latest progress, I did some test on visual composition from the previous Pohon Budi proposal that I did. I wanted to see how can I incorporate some of readings that I did. Majority of Pohon Budi were design with a symmetrical visual. I wanted to use that as the main element for this new test composition. I gave it a border to give its form and hopefully this gives me more visual direction for the final output.

I would like to try to test out another composition directly inside the 3D software. I’m also currently trying to get in touch with a few local digital artist who did experimenting with Pohon Budi element.