Tree of Life

Tree of Life “Pohon Budi”

Pohon Budi is widely use in shadow puppet show (Wayang Kulit) as one of the most important props at the start of the show. Dissecting more about it give me better understanding on why the “Tok Dalang” (shadow puppet master) using it at the start of their show.

Picture of shadow puppet master with “Pohon Beringin / Pohon Budi”

South East Asian Tree of Life symbol appear in many region around this area and it is called different names. The elements is not only heavily influence by Hinduism or Buddhism but also Islamic. In Indonesia it was either called Gunungan (Mountain) or Kayon (Wood).

“Pohon Budi” or “Pohon Beringin” symbolize a lot of elements that capture the essence of the shadow puppet story. It’s a symbol of caring for the earth. Most of the elements that we can see on Pohon Budi is the flora and fauna which goes back to the natural rainforest scenery of Malaysia itself. I feel it is a great concept and idea that I can bring forward into my practice.