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My process


My process

I wanted to share more about how do I create my work and after the group critics session I felt there is more to share about what is my process on creating my artwork.

Normally I will start with browsing some ideas for an inspiration, this happen normally when I travel, I see a lot of things around me and I will start sketching. I used to do it physically but now I bring my sketchbook on my iPad all the time. Sometimes my sketch could be very technical based on what I have in mind.

A screenshot of Paper application on iPad, with sketches by Grasshopper
Grasshopper Digital Sketchbook

From there I normally start visualizing what I wanted to produce using other tools/software on my laptop, I use laptop instead of desktop PC because of its mobility. I tend to travel a lot and laptop enable me to work anywhere and everywhere.

I have a few preferred software that I work with, normally I will use Photoshop to generate some reflection map that will be use in the next process. My main software that I use to generate the visual is called Cinema 4D, this software enable me to generate a few variation of patterns from a primitives object. I will bring in the reflection map that I’ve created on Photoshop into Cinema 4D and start animating it in a loop. From there I will be using a plugin inside Cinema 4D called Octane to render out the scene.

Screenshot of Cinema4D
Screenshot of Cinema4D

All the scene will rendered as a sequence and for the post processing I will be using After Effects to finalize the final output with some color adjustment and some lens blur.

Screenshot of the rendered sequence
Screenshot of the rendered sequence
Screenshot of Adobe After Effects for work in progress
Screenshot of After Effects composition.

Most of this process is what we do in a day to day motion graphic work. It is nice to still practice what I do but produce something that is more meaningful to myself and not just for the sake of answering client brief.

Abdul Shakir

Abdul Shakir (also known as ‘Grasshopper’) is a multidisciplinary multimedia artist and one of the co-founders of Filamen, which focuses on projection mapping, light installation and interactive installation projects. Shakir has worked in post-production and production agencies, and has done various projects related to design and art: graphic design, motion graphics, projection mapping and interactive installation. His projects have gone beyond Malaysia and reached an international level, displaying his works in China, Hong Kong, Spain, and the USA. Some of the notable platforms in which he has shown his work are LAMPU Festival, Urbanscapes Art Festival, Rainforest in the City, and George Town Festival.