What is Accessibility?

Reflection on the first session

I did not have any expectation coming into the residency. My plans is to see how this residency will allow myself to explore different approach toward my work.

The first session did open up my eyes towards accessibility. I have privilege to not to think or wonder about it most of my life. Andy help me see it in a very different way. It is interesting to see how as simple as glasses is actually helpful for some and not for the other.

The topic that we touch is also very close to me as I also did help on a community project that focuses on digital literacy for senior citizen called “Bengkel Teknologi Senior”. I did see first hand on how senior citizen struggle using just a simple tools on their smart phones. But with some helps they managed to do it and it is a great feeling to be able to help them achieve that.
Going through the session with Andy help me to think on inclusivity around my work. I hope with this will leads to more thought and thinking process into what I would want to do not only for this residency but thought out my art practice.

I make myself writing notes so that I can write any words or any visuals that come to my mind during the session and I would like to share it here.