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There is a lot of translation on “Budi” word but for me it means Deeds. We have this saying in Malay “Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa” means if people is being courteous to us we should do likewise. I love that phrase since I was young and still kept it close to me. I would like to think that mindset is deeply rooted into our culture here in Malaysia and we tend to think a lot about other people. It is also a reflection on how we reacted to certain situation. What you give you will get that back. Something like “karma”.

Going through this thought process I was fascinated with the word and the elements that I can introduce within my art practice. Most of my work is vibrant and reflective. It does work well with my visual direction and also I love how I can also bring my culture alongside it. I did a quick rendering on what I envision “Pohon Budi” (Tree of Life) would look like with my own take.

A vibrant iridescent color 3D & 2D art composition on black background in a shape of South East Asia tree of life.
Grasshopper take on Pohon Budi element

This is just a draft render that I did during my proposal stage for this residency.

Abdul Shakir

Abdul Shakir (also known as ‘Grasshopper’) is a multidisciplinary multimedia artist and one of the co-founders of Filamen, which focuses on projection mapping, light installation and interactive installation projects. Shakir has worked in post-production and production agencies, and has done various projects related to design and art: graphic design, motion graphics, projection mapping and interactive installation. His projects have gone beyond Malaysia and reached an international level, displaying his works in China, Hong Kong, Spain, and the USA. Some of the notable platforms in which he has shown his work are LAMPU Festival, Urbanscapes Art Festival, Rainforest in the City, and George Town Festival.