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Natasha Stott is writing up her PaR Ph.D. thesis, exploring the conversation between the moving body and projected image, through improvisation. Freelance choreographer and visualist, Arts Coordinator & Facilitator at Z-arts, on the board of trustees for Touchdown Dance and she is also tutor of Design for Dialogic Dance at the China
Academy of Arts in Shanghai & Salford University. Her work with both institutions was exhibited at Future Lab, West Bund – China. In 2023 Stott’s work was shown as best practice by the Dean of Media & Performance at Salford University to be presented at Nanjing University, China.

Her practice develops and experiments in intermedial, immersive and interactive environments through play expanding spaces into XR (Extended Reality) encompassing a range of immersive technologies beyond Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and other interactive technologies. Her research aims to develop
strategies to prompt and facilitate conversational performance-play between the moving body and projected image. Her exploration has developed over three split waves. These waves took place initially as studio practice, an immersive interactive and intermedial live workshop involving image projection and physical bodies, with reflection and refining into each following wave in an iterative cycle.

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what is possible?
I have been reading Deleuze and Guattari and their ideas of becoming, the rhizome, assemblages, lines of flight and how they see everything on a continuum. This for me is interesting as Deleuze suggests that rather improvisation be viewed as virtuality and actualisation (stratification). He states “That...
Introducing Natasha Stott
Natasha is Ph.D student in her write up phase, she is also an Associate Fellow at the University of Salford and is furthering her practice through this residency. Natasha’s research explores the conversation between the moving body and projected image, through improvisation. During this residency...