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working with images on modul8 for my second piece Cogitationes using sculpture and projection


thoughts, to think, to wonder and ponder over what is, what was and what will be.

It’s 2am, the little one has woken up for a feed, I do this and then realise she needs a nappy change, i do this and realise she is a bit wet so do a full clothes change and bed change, I am now awake and thinking baout all the deadlines that are approaching, I start thinking about the prioritised work in chronological order, i can;t remeber so i look on my calendar to see what is incoming over the next seven days. I decided to put my phone down and try and sleep. I need the loo, i want a drink i do all this…it’s nearly 3am.

It’s 4am the middle one has woken up for the toilet and is searching for a hug, he goes to the toilet, is tucked back up, i remember there are two music lessons tomorrow, double football, nursery, school, snacks, drinks to be packed etc there is a school trip incoming, infact there are two, have i paid yet? probably not, i must pay and give consent, i go on the parent app, loads of unopened e-mails. i put my phone down and think about the Ph.D. how many redrafts before i can submit? i roll over and look at the little one she is so beautiful.

It’s 6am the biggest one is awake for the day. I can hear him moving about shouting his friends names online, the little one starts to stir, i kiss her face and think about what everyone has on today, must get up and make food, pack food, give consent, plan, pack, drop everyone off and sort my life out!!

Natasha Stott