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This week has been focused on administrative tasks, which can be challenging for me as a creative person. I put out a model call on social media for disabled models interested in working with me, and I was inundated with responses from incredible disabled models. Now I need to shortlist them. Through this callout, I’ve compiled a list of models who want to collaborate on future projects too, which is amazing. When shortlisting, I need to ensure the models represent and connect with diverse audiences through similarities in age, disability, ethnicity.

Despite the administrative workload, I made time for networking and engaging with The Wilson Museum and Gallery through my artist residency. I attended a late-night session celebrating the achievements of women and girls in a new community exhibition. I also went to a still life drawing session with artist Megan Burridge where we painted with natural inks from onion skins and avocado pits – a great reset after a heavy admin week.

I had enriching conversations with asylum seekers at the late-night session, particularly a woman with my same disability as me. It was refreshing to share our experiences and perspectives. I’m hoping to collaborate on a project to help facilitate telling their stories

a large scale installation is woven with seeds growing and sprouting in a living artworks exhibition
array of fruit and vegetables pineapple,bananas, mushrooms,eggplant,leeks, grapes,pears in the centre of the table. the table is littered with drawings and paintings