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As working with surrealistic and intangible ideation, Amira Syahirah or known as Crystal begins to venture with her multidisciplinary ideation in creating artwork by using different techniques for video art and art installations in Time-Based Media.

Crystal started by gathering the depth of understanding emotions and deconstructing it into ideation with the concept of collective memory, experience, and uncannily connected to disoriented beliefs with the happening issues that may not be seen with naked aggression.

By using the films and media, typography on her footage including sound software, she can distort the images and media into another form video art that conveys her interpretation, while challenging herself to construct the connections between the artwork and audience.

Crystal is pursuing her studies in Diploma and Bachelor of Fine Art in University Teknologi MARA. She joined DTI Art Residency under Filamen company, creating video art film for projection mapping that is titled “We Are You”.

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Pipi Final Development Character
CH: Piko & Pipi Development
“human” “i want to be human!” “i want to stay in the world named REALITY” “this is my imaginative world , its REALITY” “oh oh where are my body parts?”...
Texture Image Manipulation by Amira Syahirah (Crystal)
CH: One Step And Forward
I have been reconstructing my storyboard and the ideation on how to portray as a medium of video art concluding with the installation. I had a one-to-one with Celina with how the installation should be conduct in Manchester and Kuala Lumpur since I am reconsidering the material and process of how to...
character sample
CH: Keep on The Track #1
An update for the whole process that has happen between the weeks, 2 weeks ago our group had a group critique session with Celina as we dive into each other’s progression on creating the ideas during the creative process individually. I was so immersed with everyone’s ideation and process...
Ideation Sketch By Crystal
CH 113: Ideas; Hallucination, Feelings, Texture.
Picture of An Ideation sketch Storyboard 2 by Crystal (Amira) These past few weeks, I have been trying to retrieve more ideation, and information, and broaden my research on the topic I am working with. I try to simplify how the storyboard works and visualize it into video art through the imagination...
Installation Art by Crystal
CH 112: 090324
First of all, Happy Ramadan Kareem Month To All My Friends, Family and My Beloved Chaotic Audience reading throughout my post here! Video Art Installation. It begins with chaotic moments on a last-minute-installment with how to choose a space and manually set up the video art projection I...
111 CH: If I could CREATE the WORLD
“Hello There. I am YOU. your another alter EGO. a CHARACTER that lives inside your MIND. “ “The WORLD i wanted to CREATE will be a FANTASY and an overwhelmed with SURREAL experience. It could be a VIDEO GAME, a SCENE, a LIFE, a WORLD that we all could live inside without any worries. i...
'See, Observe, eScape', 2024 by Crystal (Amira Syahirah)
It's Me, Crystal.
It’s Me. It’s “Crystal”. It’s “Amira Syahirah”. It’s “Mira”. It’s “Syahirah”. It’s “Kris”. It’s “Crys” It’s a late introduction about myself. Those are the nicknames, surnames,...