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CH 113: Ideas; Hallucination, Feelings, Texture.


Picture of An Ideation sketch Storyboard 2 by Crystal (Amira)

These past few weeks, I have been trying to retrieve more ideation, and information, and broaden my research on the topic I am working with. I try to simplify how the storyboard works and visualize it into video art through the imagination and understanding that I consume.

The intangible idea might be unrecognizable along with the visual objects or distorted video. The another idea of representing a beauty that can be found in an ugly state that relates to the topic; called “Awareness”.

The Ugly Truth or Awareness Behold by a Video Art?

The idea, concept, and context might be off from the topic of “Escapist”. I want my audience to be able to engage with these sensual feelings. Hallucination. Feelings And Texture.

A hallucination and dreamy soundtrack along with a black background as the storyteller or monologue asks the audience to close their eyes, to focus on the sound that plays. The feeling of escaping from reality through a soundtrack as the audience opens their eyes and can witness a texture form on the screen with a tiny distorted character begin to interact as it feels surreal.

As far as it goes, this is how the ideas and script of storyboard revolves around me and I would simplify on how the object will be interpret throughout the scenes including the character I will introduced to.

Amira Syahirah