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It’s Me, Crystal.


It’s Me. It’s “Crystal”. It’s “Amira Syahirah”. It’s “Mira”. It’s “Syahirah”. It’s “Kris”. It’s “Crys”

It’s a late introduction about myself.

Those are the nicknames, surnames, and real names that people call me by mutual, acquaintances, friends, and family. Each name has its own story, how it started. It’s like having a multiple personality and characters to be portrayed or an act upon creating a name for developing communication towards one another and they will recognize who I am.

I go by the name Crystal ( Amira Syahirah), a Malaysian artist who explores creating videography/video art with installation based on TimeBased-Media. Crystal started her journey into the world of Fine Art by discovering drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture and finalized with Time-based Media Art as a major career. My work tends to produce venture ideation through experimenting with the elements of films and media, a collective memory that may connect to disoriented beliefs with the happening issues that are not to be seen with the naked eye.

In terms of exploration with the medium and ideas, I love to create an art installation with intriguing ideation in surrealistic and intangible forms by creating a video art that manipulates images, media, and sound. It follows with creating a moderate or an altered character that symbolizes the happening issue. The experience of the project is usually based on the autobiographical theme and fascination with video games that I am currently working on. The theme project is based on an escapist/escapism culture.

A journey from a person who’s fascinated with drawing and painting changing its involvement with the world of art in modern and contemporary has created few records. I started with the first stop motion video based on the autobiographical theme, titled “Kebaya Ku” (2022) in 132 frame pictures. Below is a picture of an archive of the artwork.

“Kebaya Ku” (2022) in 132 frame pictures, Stop Motion Video, 30 Second.
“Kebaya Ku” (2022) in 132 frame pictures, Stop Motion Video, 30 Second.

Further exhibitions I have joined with experiment in medium were an artwork titled, “The Brain, Monitor Mind”, a project installation on sculpture at Eunoia Degree Show UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) 2023 for her final year project. However, I was selected and joined “DTI Virtual Art Residency by DAG, and Filamen 2023: The Space <Between> Us exhibited an artwork titled “We Are You” on projection mapping. Graduated from UiTM Seri Iskandar, Diploma in Fine Arts and Bachelor In Fine Art Majoring Timebased in UiTM Shah Alam. And currently continuing with Masters Programme. I would be showing my current project artwork i am working on with new medias techniques on the next update!

Amira Syahirah