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First of all, Happy Ramadan Kareem Month To All My Friends, Family and My Beloved Chaotic Audience reading throughout my post here!

Video Art Installation. It begins with chaotic moments on a last-minute-installment with how to choose a space and manually set up the video art projection I made for the recent group exhibition I participated in called “Young, Free & Wild 2“. At first, I wanted to use the Resolume Arenas software to redo the sizing of the video project on the sculpture. I was excited to begin the process since Shakir (also known as Grasshopper, co-founder of Filamen) held a workshop on how to use the software for projection mapping and learned the fastest track to understand the steps.

Yet sadly, I wasn’t able to use the software, my laptop could not support the software suddenly during the installment of my artworks at the art gallery. My life-savior friend named Sarah came by to help me with the process, we both did it manually for the projection and goodness, and the result of it went well. The manual part on how to create the projection process:

  1. Project the video art onto the sculptures foam.
  2. Edit the video art by parts and assigned them according to the new placement position located at the space by using the video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro) which I worked with.
  3. “Agak – agak” (estimate) the size, placement, position of each parts of the video art to be edited.
  4. Lastly project the video art with the new media I have converted.

The Video Installation

S.O.S ( See. Observe. eScape) (2024), Video Installation On Foam Sculpture by Crystal (Amira)

Suka ‘Attachment’ : Obliterate (2024), Video Installation On Foam Sculpture by Crystal (Amira)

The ideas I came up with for the current exhibition were timidly not accurate to the topic of “escapism” I selected. It’s more focused on the techniques of motion video editing. The video art I created was inspired by a Scottish artist, Douglas Gordon, with whom I tried to come up with the idea of using mediums that can obtain and work with; the body parts, objects, and texts.

It gets critical when I think about it, I thought of creating a different installation space for the audience to be able to witness the feeling and sensation of being an “escapist”. I like to do experimental video art that goes with captions and sound as it becomes part of story-telling art. I have created a few storyboards and scenes for this residency. The research for the topic grows deeper and bigger on how to conduct on becoming a video art and creating a space of installation.

It takes time, but trust the process and believe in me that I can come out with a new ideas that is relevant to the theme I’m working on for this residency! In the next post, I will be sharing the storyboard of mine and how it began.

Amira Syahirah