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The Pursuit of Paradise



Painting of a garden with a group of female figures in the foreground. There is a stream on the right hand side with a man and a woman bathing. in the tree there is one red apple and a snake trying to talk to Eve. on the left hand side there is a lake with roller skaters and dogs enjoying the park. 2 flamingos stand next to a reclining lady (woman in white.)
The Pursuit of Paradise, acrylic, spray paint, oil and pigment stick on canvas,       300 w x 215 h cm, 2022.

Latifah Stranack

Born to parents from the East and the West, Latifah has always been fascinated by cultural hybridity and how this has shaped her senses, and the lens through which she experiences the world. In pursuit of a fleeting moment, she contextualises and reframes the presence and absence of family members and belongings. Partially revealed, Latifah attempts to collapse her present reality and bring the past to life, forever layered in washes of paint, helping her work through subconscious emotions and fears. The work she is compelled to create, enables and empowers her to make sense of who she is.