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Reflections and Research


I had an engaging conversation with Celina, Founding Director of Intransit Space. We discussed my artistic approach, which values the creative process and collaboration as much as the final image. For me, working with a model is an authentic, genuine experience. Our photo shoots are lengthy, with built-in breaks, allowing time for reflection. I don’t immediately take out my camera. Rather, I prioritize getting to know the model, building a connection. I want my models to enjoy the experience, seeing it as an artistic collaboration. We share stories and take time to create images that represent the model in that moment. I see the shoot as an exchange where I document the model and their narrative, hoping they share themselves openly. My role is to capture the model and their story, not take from them.

This week I have been in my studio researching the concept of the “female gaze.” I have been studying the art book Girl on Girl, a collection exploring the female gaze through art and photography edited by Charlotte Jansen. The “female gaze” refers to visual media that depicts the world from a female perspective. Specifically, it represents the appraising, sometimes sexualized eye of a female director, character, or audience. This idea developed in response to film theorist Laura Mulvey’s concept of the “male gaze,” which describes how heterosexual male viewpoints dominate film through selective camera angles, narratives, and character perspectives that often sexualize women. The “female gaze” inverts this by presenting a female director’s and viewer’s alternative perspective. As I consider how audiences may engage with my work, I have found Jansen’s book inspiring. The simple, powerful, beautiful imagery aligns with my own aesthetic interests.

girl on girl book by Charlotte Jenson 
the book is a paper back with a pink cover with two blonde female representing women embracing, one woman is looking directly at the viewer while the other is facing away from the viewer