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Diary #01


white clouds floating under the evening skies
Staring at the sky at dusk from my neighbourhood playground


Today marks one month into the ‘Creative Access in New Media’ Online Residency with In Transit (UK) & Filamen (MY). I always find it hard to start updating the artist studio (blog).

As I’m writing, I’ve decided to not think if the blog looks good; or if the blog = final residency work, but rather to start working on my consistency first – showing up daily to post.

Last February during our first workshop, curator, Celina Loh guided us to meditate and set our intention for this online residency, which I enjoyed very much. Each of us shared about something we want to do. I said, “I want to take care of myself better, so I can extend the care to others, and make space for new learnings.”

This year, again, I’m in a transition mode, I’ve just moved all my stuffs back to my hometown, Kuantan. I felt cluttered and overwhelmed mentally and physically, while I was re-organising my room before the Chinese New Year. Spring cleaning is an annual tradition to welcome the new year in our house.

Having experienced a physical residency where I can just throw away all my responsibility and focus entirely on making work, online residency is challenging. Finding time and space to commit is difficult. I don’t feel empty enough to start doing something…

I also said that I wanted to explore my hometown, but I don’t know exactly what to explore. What if the open ended exploration, without goal leads to nothing worthwhile? What will I show at the end of residency in the exhibition?

Celina assured us at some point, that the residency is a transit point, it’s a process, a journey, never a destination.


Image Description: At dusk, puffy white clouds frame the cerulean blue sky. Several shiny dots in distance, they could be satellites. Feels like staring into the distance.

Pey Sien Low

Low Pey Sien (b. 1991) is a Malaysian artist from Kuantan, Pahang. She works in photography, film, and graphic media. Her works observe the relationship between space, place, and people. She also freelances as curator and producer.