Initial research and sketches

Photograph of artistic references in a book. There are two images on the page, one is of the artist Louise Bourgeois from a performance as Artemis, 1980. The other image is of Betsy Damon in a street performance as 'The 7,000-year-old-woman, 1977.
photograph from a page in ‘Women contested territory and art’ by Judy Chicago and Edward Lucie-Smith.

The Garden of Dreams-

Gardens have always played an important role in British culture, offering fertile imagery for the arts across the centuries. I will reflect upon the symbolism of the garden, and the various incarnations in paintings, tapestries, and literature across the world.  Situating this project in my local park, as a contemporary Garden of Eden. I will depict contemporary issues and themes to explore desire, nature and current affairs. Researching themes relating to the divine feminine, fertility, and forbidden fruit.