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Gallery Visit


I’ve been visiting galleries and exhibitions recently for creative stimulation for my upcoming exhibitions in Manchester and Malaysia. This journey has led me to reflect deeply on what messages I hope to convey through my photography. While inclusion and diversity remain core themes, I’m also eager to push beyond my comfort zone for this project with Intransit Space. That may mean getting creative with the photoshoot itself – from bold set designs to expressive hair and makeup looks.

My recent visit to the Wilson Museum’s new Radev Collection, where I’m an artist-in-residence, offered a spark. I found inspiration not only in the content of Radev’s paintings, but also the rich colour palette – feminine pinks, passionate reds, earthy browns and greens. I was transported into a romantic dream. Such warm, inviting hues made me consider how I could capture similarly uplifting emotions through imagery that also make comments on beauty standards and diversity. There’s an opportunity to create something beautiful yet conversation-provoking.