As an artist who didn’t go to art school I often undervalue myself. There are some key areas when it comes to the professional side of the arts world that I have missed out on as a self-taught artist. Through the guidance from the tutors on this residency, through collaborating with other artists, through skill sharing in my art practice group TRIAD³ and through asking the advice of curators I am working with on future exhibitions I am beginning to fill the gaps in my knowledge.

These gaps in professional arts knowledge are things like; what to include in an artist cv, biography and statement, how to price my work, creating artwork sale contracts and what my rates as an arts practitioner should be. 

In a recent group crit we discussed feeling like imposters in the art world. I often feel like an imposter because I didn’t go to art school, because I’m sick so don’t produce as much work or because sickness has put a strain on my career development. And this feeling of being an imposter contributes to the amount I undervalue myself in these spaces.

A collage with a beige painting of 3 women lounging with text over the top that says 'I am not an imposter'.

I have been re-writing my artist bio today following the advice of Celina and after reading my new artist bio I was surprised by the amount of things I have actually done and been involved with as an artist and arts practitioner.