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Diary #08


holding a packet of unopened corded foam earplugs.
Bought a pair of ear plug last minute for the gig, but I didn't use them

I tried to feel the sound today at Francoe’s set at fonokl. I wondered if feeling the sound can be same as listening to the sound.

The surround speakers were really loud. I felt the vibrations through the can I was holding. Inside of my body, the vibrations traveled and pulsed differently to the music, loudness, and bass.



[Image description: at the bottom half of the image, on our left one hand is holding a translucent plastic packaging. On the plastic packaging, from the top is a bold red line, black type written “1110”, “corded foam earplugs” and its translation in multiple language, lastly the illustrated guide to wear the earplugs. Where the thumb is positioned, there is a price tag written “LOGAM SEAH”. The background is blurred concrete floor of the hardware shop.]

Pey Sien Low

Low Pey Sien (b. 1991) is a Malaysian artist from Kuantan, Pahang. She works in photography, film, and graphic media. Her works observe the relationship between space, place, and people. She also freelances as curator and producer.