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Creative Comeback



Creativity ebbs and flows for all artists. I’ve hit a bit of a dry spell recently due to health issues and personal challenges, so my photography has taken a backseat. Hence the lack of new work and posts. During this time, I’ve prioritised rest and self-care, which is essential to avoid burnout. Now that I’m feeling rejuvenated, I’m eager to refocus on my artistic practice. 

To get those creative juices flowing again, I’ve been immersing myself in the work of photographers, makeup artists and models I admire. Scouring Instagram, Pinterest and art websites for inspiration. Examining what’s trending in photography and the arts. Taking a deep dive to reawaken my own vision.

When studying an image, many elements catch my eye. The poses, the model, the set design, the makeup and hair, the lighting, the overall vision of the photographer. I look for the narrative, the story being conveyed. What emotions and ideas come through in the frame? 

Below are some of the photographers and artists who have been especially inspirational for me lately. I’ve curated this collection of vibrant images to serve as a personal mood board. To rekindle my imagination and pull me out of this temporary creative slowdown. Their work resonates with me and sparks fresh perspectives. With their influence, I’m ready to dive back into my own photography practice with renewed passion.


black and white photograph of a side profile of a man who looks striking, he has a black eye patch covering his right eye with a large visible scar above the eye in the shape of an arch. he has a flaming tattoo on his shoulder. He has short dark hair which is slicked back. he has stubble and a moustache.
Black and white portrait of a man for Brock Elbank’s Scar series
vitiligo right hand.The hand is in the centre of the frame in the ok gesture/signal. three of the fingers are tattooed with Love, Kindness and Compassion
In the frame is a hand vitiligo in an ok signal. This image was taken by the photographer Brock Elbank who is an inspiration of mine
Portrait of a woman with a facial difference taken by Brock Elbank from his series Scars.