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Diary #14



Today with Celina’s help, I’ve finally made up my mind of what I can do for the residency. 

… ¨ • ⋅∗. ¨•  

This year I’m turning 33 years old, which is my mother’s age when she gave birth to me. 

She was already a mother of 4 at the time. As the youngest accidental child, I couldn’t imagine being in my mother’s shoes having to take care of all 5 of us on her own.

At that time, my father was working in the capital city. He was 4-6 hours away by bus ride. We would only see him once a month.

I always thought my mother is a strong woman…


• ⋅∗..∴. … 

In our 1 hour conversation, Celina actively makes sure I am not overwhelmed and stressed, leaving me with a sense of direction and care. I wondered how can she show so much care in her work. She said something like this, “When I care for the artist more and myself as well, and really prioritize what they need, focussing on slow production, the artist can produce better work.” 

Her attitude has also inspires me to better realign myself in my other freelance works. 🙂

∴ .. .…

So, let’s goooooo!

Morning market with a view of hill in the background
A morning market in my mother's hometown, Ipoh. In the distant is Bukit Kledang.

[Image description: A portrait photograph of a bustling morning fresh market on the street. Two rolls of stalls with colourful canopy flanked the two sides of the road. Young, pedestrians of all ages walked in between the stalls. In the distant center, is a bluish silhouette of hill, with 6 needle-liked telecommunication towers perching on top of the hill line. On our right hand side, a row of electric poles and cable extends to the back, and across the road.]

Pey Sien Low

Low Pey Sien (b. 1991) is a Malaysian artist from Kuantan, Pahang. She works in photography, film, and graphic media. Her works observe the relationship between space, place, and people. She also freelances as curator and producer.