Accumulated thoughts

Saturday 19 February 2022 (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei)

10:12 I am feeling hopeful this morning. I have a cup of coffee next to me. few weeks ago I had a critical  session with my intransit studio mates and the intransit curators. I needed discussions like that. It reminded me of my friends in my studio and also my course’s weekly Monday meetings… It was so good to know everyone’s background and practice more in-depth.


10:15 during this meeting Charlie mentioned about screen time fatigue. I never knew this existed!!!! but I had it again this week. the nausea was unreal. So I took my time with it again and did everything offscreen.

10:13 This coffee im drinking is gastric friendly and tastes really good, im gonna bring some home to London

Here are some thoughts I thought this week

  1. Am I content creating, or am I making art? or the real question is how do I make it clear that I am making work right now and not content creating?maybe I should just state it right now? like this ; I am giving blogger vibesss but I am making work 
  2. After looking at my family archives, it is automatic that you try trace what exactly happen that year..or as what my aunty said ‘we would automatically be engaged to reconstructing the event’. Which btw, I really did find out why I was in Indonesia that year, and I’m still in a dilemma if I want to share it or not (70percent of my mind says do it)
  3. We take the power of buffering way too lightly.