Painting of a garden with a group of female figures in the foreground. There is a stream on the right hand side with a man and a woman bathing. in the tree there is one red apple and a snake trying to talk to Eve. on the left hand side there is a lake with roller skaters and dogs enjoying the park. 2 flamingos stand next to a reclining lady (woman in white.)
The Pursuit of Paradise   The Pursuit of Paradise, acrylic, spray paint, oil and pigment stick on canvas,       300 w x 215 h cm, 2022.
pubic experiments 2
Site-specific explorations in public space
Recent experiments with my collaborator Meghna Bhadwaj in public spaces.
Rock Hybrids
Already more than 20 years ago I got given decorative displays from a TV studio set while living in Rotterdam. These were a mix of fabrics, fabric trimmings, women mannequins, birds and other plastic and...
Work in Progress for my large painting.
Work in progress - Large scale painting
Stage 1 – Painting my first layer of a ground/stain of dark blue. 300 w x 215 h cm, acrylic paint on canvas. Stage 2 – Beginning to lay in the composition for the painting. You can see the...
Materials: soap, toys, black slate from the Alps Mountains/France woman-rock hybrids animal-rock hybrids hybrid creatures/ Den Bosch Thinking about Surrealism and how it connects to these experiments/...
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border fragments
Work-in-progress | The beginnings of exploring forms of mapping movements through reflecting on various digital resources on global refugee movements and interviews documenting their journeys.  
Lytton Smith
on my bookshelf
Currently reading and inspired by the following writers and poets.. Read Lytton Smith’s interview focusing on  While You Were Approaching the Spectacle But Before You Were Transformed by It, and The...
Meghna Bhardwaj Yarning Esplanade 2
Wayfinding with dancer Meghna Bhardwaj
My dear friend and collaborator Meghna Bhardwaj, is in Singapore for her performance art residency with The Esplanade. During the the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, Meghna and I both launched artistic projects...
I have been working on a series of drawing called Februalia during the month of February. They are medium size drawings on paper, using black & gold pens featuring a combination of crystals and animals;...
20220428_165814 2
Her Garden - WIP
Photograph of my painting in the garden. Here is a speeded up video clip of me painting in my studio.
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