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good morning
Morning Thoughts
Tuesday 9 February 2022 (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei) 08:33    I just woke up 08:34         08:38              08:41 08:48 09:00 Its good to be alive
Pablo Paillole
That night captioned
Closed captions allow for the viewer’s flexibility and freedom of choice – whether or not they want to see the captions and, if available, which language. However, for pieces where this flexibility...
A photo of Charlie, a woman before surgery in a hospital bed and surgical gown.
Thoughts on the ‘The Instant Of My Death'
Content warning: medical trauma, surgery, suicide The final sequence I wanted to explore is possibly the hardest to talk about and to represent. In 2019 I was suffering from a life threatening rare complication...
A screenshot of a section from the short film clip. There is pink digitally sculpted landscape with peaks resembling digital sand dunes, with the appearance of identical grooves over the landscape. There is a caption in yellow text on a back background at the bottom of the screen which reads “[The sound of someone eating. It is a loud, wet squelching and crunching sound.]”
Audio Visual Sensitivity Sketch
Audio Visual Sensitivity Content warning: viewer discretion is advised, this video includes flashing images that could trigger photosensitive epilepsy and sounds that may be uncomfortable for those with...
alt image of an investment advisor with open captions
Jargon repurposed: the Investment Advisor
PP: What do you do for a living? YY: I’m an Investment Advisor specialised in crypto-currency market research. PP: What does that entail? YY: I interrogate the relationship between supply and demand through...
alt Pablo's mum and grandma sitting in two rocks looking sideways from each other
Walking in Madrid: senses, feelings and memories
non-linear double-channel film, conversation structure: moon crash – seasons seasons – horoscope – taurus (me) – libra (grandma) libra (grandma) – emotionally contained (post-war...
A shoal of green fish.
MRI audio-visual sketch
As part of my the residency I have been experimenting with archival film and audio, exploring how I can create sequences that represent my experiences of patienthood. Today I have been exploring the use...
Screenshot of Cinema4D
Making invisible visible ( and accessible )
Making invisible visible Through out this residency program I ask a lot of questions about how do pave ways for my art practice. I do come from a design background so problem solving is part of my practice...
A screenshot from a film, there is the ceiling of a hospital room with a surgical light, there is a dark circle around the image creating a point of view effect, as though the viewer is a patient looking up at a hospital light.
Representing Embodied Experience
  Point Of View As part of the residency I have been thinking about how I can create sequences that represent embodied experiences. Today I have been creating point of view audio-visual sequences...
alt=I often work with textile media to enquire into the audience´s relationship with satisfaction through Fredric Jameson’s notion of schizophrenia in our frenetic consumer society.
Jargon repurposed: The Retail Manager
Interviewing PP (not in the shot), starring XX   Sales Manager XX filmed speaking.   PP: What do you do for a living? XX: Smiling. I’m a Retail Manager for a multinational franchise.   PP:...
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