Painful process

A screenshot of Adobe Premiere Pro digital film editing software.

Image description: 

A screenshot of Adobe Premiere Pro consisting of a timeline with blue, pink and purple shapes and a green wave form at the bottom. Above in the top right is a playback box which shows a cut out of a painting of a woman placed in an image of a waiting room.

Painful process

Today I have been continuing with one of my audiovisual pieces, by adding static cut out collage elements to moving film images. I love the look of unusual collage elements added to film but, find it quite a frustrating process as it is incredibly time consuming because the position of the element has to be edited frame by frame. And as well as being time consuming it’s quite hard on my shoulder/elbow/wrist and finger joints which have been very painful today due to my chronic illness, Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (cEDS). 

Since our first accessibility session with Andy for this residency I have been wondering if there is an assistive device that could make this process less painful, perhaps a different type of mouse?