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S-L-O-W Living


Friday 14 January 2022 (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei)

14:04   I’m not actually too sure why Slow Living, but I have been thinking a lot about this.

  6:30    I left the house to go to the beach.

              It felt slow.

              and good.

  8:16    then thought of slow living. Slow as in S-L-O-W. sloooow. slow living. whatever that means.

  8:30    I am in a beach in Brunei, Ive only been here twice. My parents live here.

             They are not from here. 

             I haven’t seen them for 3 years. I still do not know when I’m coming back to London but I left because

             it was getting too overwhelming.

             The opposite of this, very, 

             slow…       something.

             some—————————-thing slow.

14:06  whatever slow means.

Yasmine Aminanda

Yasmine Aminanda explores the idea of time passing and themes of the ‘mundane’ in daily life through Performance, Time Based media and Archive as Moving Image. They mainly use the narrative of journals and inner monologues as ‘everyday performances’. Process is the key element of their work, symbolic of their search of an identity and a belonging when growing up diasporic. As well as the concept of staying still versus the march of time and everything else in between to represent the bigger picture of ‘Yasmine Aminanda’, be it as a person, an artist or an artwork. Yasmine is part of the south east asian diaspora collective Unamed, and their work has been shown Malaysia, Indonesia and London including the National Visual Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, Maybank National Gallery Malaysia, and has performed in Live Art Development Agency and Tate Exchange.