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That night captioned


Closed captions allow for the viewer’s flexibility and freedom of choice – whether or not they want to see the captions and, if available, which language.

However, for pieces where this flexibility compromises the overall understanding, content and aesthetic it’s worth exploring open captions by burning them onto the video. For this piece it is important to signal which of the two voices the captions are referring two through their pre-established position on screen.

That night (open captions)

alt text *door banging sound effect* below two images of a countryside pathway


Pablo Paillole

Pablo Paillole works with moving image, sound, text and photography to explore the relationship between popular culture and politics; fiction and reality; past, present and future. ​ Through his audiovisual installations – often personal and inspired by his own Spanish cultural heritage – he asks questions around the concepts of truth, narrative and history using archival media and found footage. His interest in archival media the ‘constructedness’ of information originally emerged in response to fake news and the way image-making mechanisms condition belief or plausibility. He interrogates the extent to which fictional characters and narratives bleed into the world’s socio-political reality, as well as reinforcing the archive’s authority and power against misinformation. Concerned with these overlapping opposites (fiction and reality, past and present) his practice stands as a necessary form of resilience against fake informational content that has proven to be a key agent in recent elections across the globe. Therefore, Pablo Paillole’s interdisciplinary art practice intends to re-interpret the conventional narrative construction processes; to disentangle the media’s conglomerate of fictional and factual content; and to fully acknowledge our past in order to understand our present.