Nerve pain mood board & sketches

Nerve pain mood board

Below is a rough mood board for the first sequence of my film based around the experience of nerve pain and pain in general.

Five images laid out together as a mood board. A scan of a brain, a photo of someone's hand in hospital with a cannula in, a vintage illustration of surgical tools, a vintage anatomical illustration of a neck and head and a vintage illustration of wasps in a hive.

Nerve Pain sketches

Here are some work-in-progress collages or sketches I have been working on for this sequence in the film.

Two digital collages side by side on a white background of illustrations of the cross section of a head showing the layer of muscles. There is a section of the head cut out in the middle and the appearance of line drawn wires inside the gap. There are also pins and needles and stitches in the heads to give the impression of pain.

Image description – Two digital collages side by side on a white background. They both include a medical illustration of a cross section of a head and neck side on, with no skin, so the illustration is a representation of the muscle under the skin. There are small black numbers on each area of muscle. There is a space cut out in the centre of the head in both images. Drawn inside the space on a white background are various winding lines which give the appearance of tangled wires. The image on the right has 8 sewing needles of various sizes stuck into the head, two on the forehead, head on the top of the head, one in the back and two on the bottom close to the back of the neck. The image on the left has multiple needles and safety pins overlapping the image as if stuck in the head. This image also has a semi transparent layer of material with stitches in it over layering the head.