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It’s The Same, But It’s Different


Sunday 16 January 2022 (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei)


7:00    I have been waking up early nowadays. Car free day are on Sundays, incase you don’t know, 

             that’s when they close the roads for people to exercise. 

             No cars allowed.

7:15    Everyone here seem to be exercising, religiously. People of all ages are having a run, apparently 

            the marathon is the go to. walking aimlessly now. 

7:25  don’t know if I can do this everyday. Do I like repetition? pattern? repetitive days? 

           But I am enjoying people watching and hearing footsteps of people running. 

           I read a post yesterday, I forgot from where but it says to enjoy every little thing and take your

           time slowly and patiently. this is about slow living just fyi.

8:02   Its like where I live in the UK. I live in Charlton, London and once in a while the King’s Troops horses 

           pass by our house. 

           I find the sound very relaxing.


At 8:15 I arrived on a riverside, called ‘Sungai Brunei’. I realised I temporarily moved from one riverside to another. I live near the river in the UK. And Brunei is basically surround by the river and Water. Did I also tell you Im an Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus? (and others too but I forgot which)

Yes I know Aquarius is an Air Sign not Water. 

Nothing to do with any of this.

18:39 I have nothing planned for the next 3 days. This makes me very anxious. But maybe this is how to live

            slowly. I will try my best. At the end of the day its a different place but I’m still the same person. 

            I seriously-honestly-thruthfully do not know where this is going but I’m jogging my way through.


Yasmine Aminanda

Yasmine Aminanda explores the idea of time passing and themes of the ‘mundane’ in daily life through Performance, Time Based media and Archive as Moving Image. They mainly use the narrative of journals and inner monologues as ‘everyday performances’. Process is the key element of their work, symbolic of their search of an identity and a belonging when growing up diasporic. As well as the concept of staying still versus the march of time and everything else in between to represent the bigger picture of ‘Yasmine Aminanda’, be it as a person, an artist or an artwork. Yasmine is part of the south east asian diaspora collective Unamed, and their work has been shown Malaysia, Indonesia and London including the National Visual Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, Maybank National Gallery Malaysia, and has performed in Live Art Development Agency and Tate Exchange.