It’s The Same, But It’s Different

Sunday 16 January 2022 (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei)


7:00    I have been waking up early nowadays. Car free day are on Sundays, incase you don’t know, 

             that’s when they close the roads for people to exercise. 

             No cars allowed.

7:15    Everyone here seem to be exercising, religiously. People of all ages are having a run, apparently 

            the marathon is the go to. walking aimlessly now. 

7:25  don’t know if I can do this everyday. Do I like repetition? pattern? repetitive days? 

           But I am enjoying people watching and hearing footsteps of people running. 

           I read a post yesterday, I forgot from where but it says to enjoy every little thing and take your

           time slowly and patiently. this is about slow living just fyi.

8:02   Its like where I live in the UK. I live in Charlton, London and once in a while the King’s Troops horses 

           pass by our house. 

           I find the sound very relaxing.


At 8:15 I arrived on a riverside, called ‘Sungai Brunei’. I realised I temporarily moved from one riverside to another. I live near the river in the UK. And Brunei is basically surround by the river and Water. Did I also tell you Im an Aquarius Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus? (and others too but I forgot which)

Yes I know Aquarius is an Air Sign not Water. 

Nothing to do with any of this.

18:39 I have nothing planned for the next 3 days. This makes me very anxious. But maybe this is how to live

            slowly. I will try my best. At the end of the day its a different place but I’m still the same person. 

            I seriously-honestly-thruthfully do not know where this is going but I’m jogging my way through.