How do I make yellow make sense?

Wednesday 19 January 2022 (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei)


19:51   If you know, you know

              If you don’t, you’ll know….



                                                                                               ……. my dilemma with the colour yellow.


A screenshot of a Covid Pass in the colour Yellow. The text reading 'Code Yellow, Yasmine Aminanda, 24, Passport Number' and some written information that have been drawn on to cover misgendered or private information.

10:01  I’m finally in code Yellow!!!! I have been in Code Red for two weeks. Although Ideally,

            I should be in Green. Basically, everyone here in Brunei uses this App where they have 

            to scan the QR code on their phone to kind of… track covid. I’m on red because I have      

            been travelling for the past 14 days. So I couldn’t get into shops. Anyways. 


14:11 I had lunch with my sister and my mother. We ate sushi. 

            I can’t help but notice that Yellow is very significant here. 

           Yellow Flag. 

           Yellow, the colour for the royals(which is hard to not notice, their picture is everywhere) 

           I can’t help but remember in 2014 when a friend of mine asked me what my favourite

           colour was. 

           How the hell am I suppose to know???

           But since that day, I can’t help but get attracted to the colour yellow. 

          That or that Yellow has been attracted to me.


14:15 Since 2016, I use yellow as a subject for my work. I even have a yellow persona! 

            I made an ode to my crush ; the colour yellow. Im also doing this because I really don’t  

           know how to feel about this colour. Im not exactly obsessed. And it is definitely not my   

           favourite colour.

           That is why I am exploring it. 

           I have not really visited yellow for a while now, to be very honest,

           but I woke up to code yellow this morning in this very yellow land 

           and that really woke my brain up.

20:42 That is it. I didn’t have much in my head today but contemplating on yellow.