Yasmine Aminanda

In January, February, and March 2022, 2022, Yasmine Aminanda reflects their own state of being ‘in-transit’. Employing monthly diaristic entries to highlight their everyday experiences, they bring together an archive of their encounters with the indoors and outdoors, online and offline, and the present and past. This work is site-specific in response to the environments where the Yasmine(s) occupied both mentally and physically. The work contemplates a variety of issues such as notions of slow, rest, multiple selves, and yellow.

As a third-culture kid, much of their life was spent immersed in different cultures and places. Thus, diasporic narrative is an area they are constantly seeking to explore in their practice. Having temporarily relocated to Brunei from the United Kingdom, Yasmine was prompted to delve into the period of adapting post-migration between January to March 2022. Through the process of rewritten thoughts and contradictory time-stamps, they have come to understand that time is not necessarily linear.

March 2022: Intransit, 2022
Yasmine Aminanda
Single-channel video
1 minute 40 seconds

Yellow text written 'Kuning is Yellow is Jaune is Yellow is tuning is Yellow' in the colour yellow with the artist wearing a yellow sweater in the grey background.

About Yasmine Aminanda

Yasmine Aminanda (b.1997) explores the idea of time passing and themes of the 'mundane' in daily life through Performance, Time Based media and Archive as Moving Image. They mainly use the narrative of journals and inner monologues as 'everyday performances'.