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Increasing access to the arts in the digital age


Increasing access to the arts in the digital age
Immersio:Mengukir 2022
20 November 2022

Watch the talk here

What can we do to increase access to the arts? Join Celina Loh and Armani Shahrin in a sharing session titled ‘INCREASING ACCESS TO ART IN DIGITAL AGE’ which will be live streamed on Filamen’s Youtube Channel. 

Celina Loh is the Founding Director of In Transit Space, an art platform offering online training residencies supporting artists to make their works more accessible to disabled people. She’s also a curator and writer, and Project Assistant at FRANK Fair Artist Pay in the U.K.

Armani Shahrin is the Founder of Nak Seni, selling art merchandise from artwork by PWD (Persons With Disabilities) artist, and also project consultant for We&I Art, collective of PWD artist, organising and managing annual art festivals prior to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This talk is part of the new media arts festival, Immersio:Mengukir held at Telekom Muzium in Malaysia.