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Category: Artist Studio

An L shaped workbench with green, blue and lilac playground like sculptures in the foreground

Studio update

This last week I have been finishing off a series of small colourful sculptures, influenced by architecture, playgrounds and monuments. They have been designed in a way so that they can be positioned in numerous ways and viewed from any possible angle  

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Soft spaces

This week I have been testing different materials that could be used for collaging together with other people. While collaging together, I would like to

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Finished Painting…

This week I finished a painting. It is called ‘Bow Legs’, 2023, oil, oil pastels, acrylic, marbles, fabrics, tassels, tissue papers, and screen print on

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Digital drawings…

This is a design I am doing for a business shutter in Edmonton. Here I have used William Morris floral designs, smiley faces and sweet

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