Repetitionem, 2024
Video projection
1 minute 22 seconds

Everyday, Natasha picks up her children from school, writes, does research, makes works. As a mother, an artist, an educator.

Repetitionem is where individual and collective narratives intertwine through ceaseless cycles of action. It’s about doing things over and over, a mix of echoing the past and moving forward. As bodies move, they remember and redo, seeking perfection in repetition, yet find themselves caught in an endless loop of performance. 

Repetitionem asks:
Does repeating things lead to change, or do we just keep going around in circles?
Can we find something greater in the routine? 

Created using iMovie, After Effects, and MadMapper’s projections, with music by Da Fake Panda. Creating Repetitionem, Natasha found it a space where repetition is both meditation and manifestation.

Cogitations, 2024
Video projection on resin
with music by Da Fake Panda

Cogitations are the intricate dance of deep thought and contemplation, where possibilities and potentialities are pondered. It is the mental mapping of life’s myriad paths, where the strength of our present and the uncertainties of our futures are weighed with equal measure. This thoughtful vigilance aims to avert misfortune and cultivate success, embracing roles from nurturer to provider, and balancing life’s vast responsibilities. From nurturing growth in the garden to fostering development in oneself and others, it’s about striving for excellence, listening intently, speaking meaningfully, and achieving aspirations across the spectrum of life’s roles. Cogitations captures this essence through a collage of video artistry, using iMovie and After Effects, with MadMapper’s projections and the rhythmic pulses of Da Fake Panda, symbolising the cycle of reflection and aspiration.

About Natasha Stott

Natasha Stott is in the final stage of editing her Ph.D. thesis, exploring the conversation between the moving body and projected image, through improvisation. Freelance choreographer, visualist & arts Coordinator. She is on the board of trustees for Touchdown Dance.

Having taught Design for Dialogic Dance at the China Academy of Arts in Shanghai & Salford University. Her work with both institutions was exhibited at Future Lab, West Bund – China. In 2023 Stott’s work was shown as best practice by the Dean of Media & Performance at Salford University to be presented at Nanjing University, China.

Her practice develops and experiments in intermedial, immersive and interactive environments through play expanding spaces into XR (Extended Reality) encompassing a range of immersive technologies and residing in the digital humanities and dance heritage. Her research aims to develop strategies to prompt and facilitate conversational performance-play between the moving body and projected image using her emerging methodology. She has just completed her Associate Fellowship.


Curator: Celina Loh
Online exhibition design: Mishkath (Mishi) Ahmed Rasheed
Producers: Abdul Shakir, Hana Zamri, Celina Loh
With special thanks to: Hannah Wallis, Muzium Telekom, Saan1

Continuum is the end of the residency exhibition part of Creative Access in New Media Arts, a five-month online residency by In Transit in collaboration with Filamen, supported by the British Council’s Connections Through Culture Grant.

Throughout the residency, the artists explored methods of integrating access and projection into their creative practice.