Khayalan Di Dunia Lain (Imaginative World in Another Dimension), 2024
2 channel video
50 seconds

Two characters, PiKo and PiKi, talk about their longing to become humans, their desire to work, and their need for validation. They discuss what it means to be “us”, all while many humans find coping mechanisms to seek temporary refuge from the complexities of real life — remaining unaware that we are part of the escapist entity. Khayalan Di Dunia Lain explores the paradox of escaping within a screen, highlighting the tension between the desire to escape and the constraints of digital environments. 

Credit: Mukhlis Hakim as model for facial features

Be “Us”, 2024
Video on reflection of holographic lighting
30 seconds

This installation features three twisted, anonymous characters in spherical shapes, aware of their confinement within a screen. The characters interact with each other and reach out to the audience. As the characters invite the audience into their fantasy world, the installation prompts us to consider the psychological and social implications of our digital interactions. What do we seek in these virtual spaces, and what do we leave behind in the real world? 

Credit: Mukhlis Hakim and Rokiah Hashim as model for facial features.

About Crystal (Amira Syahirah)

As working with surrealistic and intangible ideation, Amira Syahirah or known as Crystal begins to venture with her multidisciplinary ideation in creating artwork by using different techniques for video art and art installations in Time-Based Media. Crystal started by gathering the depth of understanding emotions and deconstructing it into ideation with the concept of collective memory, experience, and uncannily connected to disoriented beliefs with the happening issues that may not be seen with naked aggression.

By using the films and media, typography on her footage including sound software, she can distort the images and media into another form video art that conveys her interpretation, while challenging herself to construct the connections between the artwork and audience. Crystal is pursuing her studies in Diploma and Bachelor of Fine Art in University Teknologi MARA. She joined DTI Art Residency under Filamen company, creating video art film for projection mapping that is titled “We Are You”.


Curator: Celina Loh
Online exhibition design: Mishkath (Mishi) Ahmed Rasheed
Producers: Abdul Shakir, Hana Zamri, Celina Loh
With special thanks to: Hannah Wallis, Muzium Telekom, Saan1

Continuum is the end of the residency exhibition part of Creative Access in New Media Arts, a five-month online residency by In Transit in collaboration with Filamen, supported by the British Council’s Connections Through Culture Grant.

Throughout the residency, the artists explored methods of integrating access and projection into their creative practice.