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Tag: plants

what is possible?

I have been reading Deleuze and Guattari and their ideas of becoming, the rhizome, assemblages, lines of flight and how they see everything on a

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Middle Moments

Visit Middle Moments Have you ever paused to look at a wildflower or how the shadows of buildings form on the pavement? What is it

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Still from a video depicting two frames side next to each other against a black background. The frames depict hands covered in grey mud.


In Transit’s first in-person exhibition about practices of care when making work. Cura showcases the work of women artists Arabel Lebrusan, Charlie Fitz, Latifah A. Stranack, Mira Hirtz and Naomi Harwin.

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Organic shape drawing with black outlines, green, blue, orange and brown oval shapes composed in circular motion- different orientation to 'breathing space 3'

breathe • rest • play

An exhibition showcasing works by artists Mira Hirtz, Abi Ola and Naomi Harwin. In a world that places a constant demand on productivity, this exhibition is dedicated to individuals in need to breathe, rest and play – as the title conveys. Whether you are going through a challenging time, living with disabilities, chronic illness, or facing mental health challenges, this exhibition is for you.

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