About Residencies

In Transit Residency Programme provides underrepresented artists with the time and space to research and develop new work. Each residency will host 4 artists in the span of one month, inviting practitioners to reflect, experiment and create work in an open and supportive environment. Resident artists are provided with virtual studio space, critical and practical support, the opportunity to present work in a group show and access to useful resources and a network of creative individuals.

The programme is an opportunity for professional development, artistic exchange and experimentation. During the residency, artists will be provided their own virtual studio space (they will be provided a dedicated login to access the backend of the website) where they can share their work-in-progress, reflections, etc. They will have the opportunity to engage in critical and ongoing dialogue about their practice and work with In Transit curators, Celina Loh and Elizabeth Low, and accessibility specialist Andy Ronksley, as well as 2 invited external artists. 

During the residency, artists are invited to work alongside an accessibility specialist to consider accessibility issues and implement solutions where possible, when developing work. Each residency will conclude with a group show. Made public through virtual open studios and an exhibition at the end, the residency encourages experimentation, interaction, dialogue and professional networking.

Funding from our self-funded and sponsored options will go towards our commitment to always include one creative from marginalised communities such as but not limited to groups excluded due to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical/mental ability, language, and/or immigration status. 

Join our residencies

Our residency costs include professional and curatorial fees, promotion and marketing, as well as web design and hosting. We are currently reliant on public & private funding through grants, sponsorships and in-kind support with our income channelling towards supporting our work with creatives and increased art accessibility. You can join our residency programme through the following ways:


Collectors/organisations can sponsor artists to participate in the programme. 

Currently, In Transit is reaching out to relevant organisations and collectors to request sponsorship. 
If you would like to propose an artist and pay for their residency costs, please email us at with information about the artist.


If you would like to participate in our residency and can cover the programme costs of €800, please email us at for more information.

Open Calls

We will regularly have open calls which will be published on our website and social media channels. To stay informed, follow us on Instagram